Saturday, 21 October 2017

Corporate pyjama daywear, leopard style

Another sponsored post written in 100% Mel-o-vision.

Today I feature alluuuuring, not-quite-lurid, languid bedroom attire as corporate pyjama daywear, or, as I shall call it, Bed to Boardroom. "Oh James, bring me the latest numbers so I can calculate how bad I am at math. On second thought, skip the math and let's go straight to drama, English literature. Bring me another martini and wheel in the divan."

all outdoor photos snapped by Su Bennett (aka Fairy Thrift Sister)

Of course I could actually sleep in these leopard-print pyjamas, but why limit the fun? As soon as I saw them online at NK iMODE, I grinned like a Cheshire cat. They are super soft 100% silk charmeuse. And slippery, as in slidey, not wily. I don't have many slippery clothes. Why not have this feeling all day long? It's like walking with a sexay secret all over my frigging body.

I added a vintage Calvin Klein tie with a full Windsor knot as a neckpiece, thrifted Miu Miu boots, and a long black velvet opera coat. The bag, for my huge, extremely important board meeting sandwiches, I bought in Tokyo back in the day when I cared about briefcases.

To showcase the extreme, gobsmacking fabulousness of these PJs, I have blurred my backgrounds. Nothing says sexay more than blur, don't you agree? Now I think about it, is that what they mean by bedroom eyes? - you can't see a damned thing because you're not wearing your glasses? I'm sure it is.

Let's talk about pyjamas. Simply, they are a top with matching pants. So here is the silk blouse part paired with my farked "NOT PLAID" overalls. I love the contrast of the extreme silky sexay-ness of the blouse with the sturdy denim. Ouch, my brain is overwhelmed by sizzling hot sexay-ness.

And this time, the blouse and overalls with a whack-ton of necklaces tied together so I can put them on all at once, I guess because I'm a slacker. The blouse would look good with jeans too or a pencil skirt. If you try something and don't like it, try looking again with bedroom eyes. It works every time!
I agreed to this sponsorship offer from NK iMODE not just because I love these PJs (their Bettina line), but also because it was founded in Vancouver, does all its design work here, and adheres to fair and sustainable production practices. Their pyjamas are here.

Some of you might like that most of their their silk lingerie and nightwear also feature "lightweight bust support." NK iMODE retails at Selfridges and other high-end department stores around the world. 

A mood shot below. I was cold. But I had to show you the full corporate pyjama-y goodness. You can see that these PJs don't have piping. Nothing screams PYJAMAS (say that like screamy Frau Farbissina here) more than piping. What's up with that? 

And next are the bottoms with a black wool tunic on top, and my pointy black booties. These bottoms flutter when I walk. They also have an elastic and tie waist so you can really pig out in comfort at the all-you-can-eat buffet any time of day. I'm thinking of that culinary scene in the movie Fargo HERE. So good. 

Of course you can wear the top and bottom together as non-pyjamas too. Below the blouse is unbuttoned and worn over the tunic. And I added the black opera coat. A long cardigan would work, not necessarily in black. 

Naturally, I'm wearing O's rings and the loupe he made me. 

And the next photo is what it is, the ending to the story. But before you jump to conclusions, that's a condiment glass for pickles and the mini "wine bottle" is for a citrusy Japanese sauce called ponzu. Yes, things are far worse than you may have feared. Heh.

That's all for now. NK iMODE offers free standard shipping to Canada and the US if you'd care to have a look at their stuff. Quite beautiful and, seriously, they felt dreamy. These PJs arrived at my home just one day after I agreed to post on them. Shockingly fast, even for shipment within the same city.

I'll link up to Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, and Catherine at #iwillwearwhatilike, Not Dressed as Lamb.

I raise a glass of, uh, ponzu, to you all this week. And while we're at it, let's toast to my new private jumbo submarine, which got approved at my latest board meeting, inspired by the ferocity of these corporate PJs. Nothing screams mogul quite like a private jumbo sub, don't you agree? Pickup will be ready when I can find it in the bay. So excited.

I hope you had a good week!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Life like brandy, cheese, and furry blue meatballs

A furry blue meatball with feet, on the warming plate, that's what I look like. This is another photo from the night I went to hear photo/conceptual artist Ian Wallace speak at Rennie Collection in Chinatown, where Vancouver Barbara took these next three photos. 

The next photo is one of my favourites ever. I've stepped into a Hopper painting or a scene from a classic movie. VO: "She was a shaggy dame in Shanghai Alley with a mixed up box of Cracker Jacks as Prada, looking for a two-bit schmuck with more cents than brains." (VO means voice-over)

This next one was taken in line waiting to get into the talk. My sushi sweatshirt! from you know where - My Sister's Closet - and high-waisted pants, retail, super duper discount. My sponsored posts for Look Fabulous Forever are done but I'm wearing their makeup in these shots, Sweet Pea lipstick and their eye shadows.

And what have we here? Oh, that would be me at my latest workshop!: Diva Tales of Fashion Corruption. Oh yeeeeah, such a good time. It was produced by the Style Cabal, comprised of Barbara, Deb, and Judy, from the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts, where I did a talk last May, and myself.

Below I'm introducing some of my favourite inspiring style bloggers. Of course, that's Judith, Style Crone, on the monitor. Note the props everywhere. Heh.

These photos are courtesy of Vivian, whom you met on my blog HERE. Huge thanks!

The Style Cabal gals joined me for a rousing Broadway number during the show. What a riot, the crowd went wild, but no one threw their panties at the stage...!? (Thank you.) [Edit: We all wore amazing crowns, which Judy made, example HERE.] And I showcased a selection of my farked clothing. People who attended also discussed and strutted their own farking and fabulous outfits.

Below, evidence that everyone was feeling me up! That's what happens when you speak to a room of sewers. We all want to touch the fabric.

I spent a couple of hours whipping clothes off and on but the time flew by. Nothing like baring your underwear in a room full of strangers to calm the nerves. Almost like those naked dreams coming true, not necessarily in the Cinderella way.

I also showcased this T-shirt that friend Suzanne Carillo made me - "Dressed to Piss You Off," which she sells HERE. So good. 

Note the chaos. And note the Freakish Yellow Skirt!! This kind of jumble freaks me out, but when you are doing quick changes it can't be helped. I carefully returned many of these things to their numbered, annotated space bags when I got home. 

This next photo was taken by artist/poet/fibre artist Y, whom I met at the Guild talk. The photo on the monitor was taken by Vancouver Barbara when we were shopping at Dressew. Of course I had to have that wig. And a new concept was born - tag as earring.

In a discussion with Y, she brought up the topic of wrinkles in the universe. The guy who "invented" them won a Nobel Prize. Doh, of course the universe has wrinkles, it's pretty frickin' old. 

But the real prize should go to the person who invents a lotion for that. Or attempts a facelift of the cosmos with our obsession to be smooth. Then again, assuming there's time travel in space, the universe can simply rewind itself any time. 

Where's my rewind button?! Would I use it if I had it? Would you?

I'm feeling slightly Mr. Clean here, in reference to a bulky, white bald man, who dresses in white and flits around our homes making our kitchens and bathrooms sparkly fresh with his products. He used to be a cartoon and then the ad geniuses turned him into a real human. Just leave it alone!, I say.

Anyway, this outfit feels so chemically white I could melt cheese on it. There's my white moto jacket. My pants were falling down for real so after these photos and before I went on my inspiration walk, I put on my unisuspender. Wardrobe malfunction narrowly averted.

Of course I'm wearing my T-shirt "I am my own brand," which should read, "I am NOT a brand." It's very Magritte of course. My online presence is brandish because it's merely a visual representation of who I am. Which makes me brandy, a good stiff drink. (That's the Cherry Red LFF lipstick.)

Must fly. Much to do. If you want me to do a talk to your group, have your people call my people. This is a thing I do now. I quite like being a ham, with melted cheese. Yes, cheesy.

Best stop now. And you'll be glad that I followed the rule of making very SOE-friendly blog titles. I know I'll get tons more traffic with the words "furry blue meatball" in there.

I'll link up to Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, and Catherine at "I will wear what I like!" at Not Dressed as Lamb.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Look fabulous forever? Of course, darling.

This is a sponsored post - don't faint! But believe me, the opinions expressed, as you'll see, are 100% Mel.

My lipstick is getting down to the nub, one of only two lipsticks in my life to do so - so when I got the offer to test-drive some cosmetics from Look Fabulous Forever (LFF), based in England, I thought, what the heck? The products are cruelty-free and the company was launched by Tricia Cusden when she was 65. Right on!

I've been dabbling in these products since they arrived in mid-September. I had two big do's on my calendar, one a cocktail party, Silver Foxes and Vixens, for Fluevog shoes' new season reveal, and one, front row at a day of Vancouver Fashion Week, both of which would require heaps and heaps of cosmetics.

First up, the lip and eye primers. I decided to try them with my existing makeup as a control group; I already know how well/hard they are to apply/remove.

I love the shiny foil bubble pack for shipping

Existing problem: Migrating & hard-to-remove lip liner

I wear lip liner and lipstick almost daily and I can't stand it when my liner migrates. It's like my lips are the Amazon and the wrinkles around them the tributaries where many a British explorer has gone missing. It makes me think of the movie African Queen too. Yes. So my goal was to erect a little dam around my lips with LFF lip primer.

I admit, I didn't have high hopes - I know too well the supernatural attraction of lipstick to wrinkles, like red wine to shag carpet. I opened the package and traced the outline of my lips with the slender spongy wand, like the kind that comes with lip gloss.

These are all the products I received. This photo was taken after I had tested everything.

Test 1: Application

The primer is clear like gloss but slightly more viscous, which worried me
I always use matte lipsticks and liners because they tend to be dry - you almost have to scrape them off - meaning staying power in my mind. 
But this primer felt wet
I actually dabbed it with a tissue to make it hurry up and dry. 
And then I put on my regular lip liner.

Alarm! My matte liner glided waaay too smoothly over the primer. I thought, no way will my liner stay put on that. Already I was frantically wondering how I could write a review that LFF wouldn't despise. Too late now. I applied my lipstick and went out. Silver Foxes and Vixens, look out!

Photo courtesy of Judith of  blog/IG - Silver Foxes & Vixens party hosted by Fluevog.
Left to right: Judith, Judith's Handsome, moi, Su, Vancouver Barbara

That's what I wore to the cocktail party. The shoes are Fluevogs from the late '80s.

Well, I had far too much fun at the party to stay neat and tidy, so when I got home I expected a mess of clogged tributaries. And guess what? The dam held! No tributaries! No more lost explorers! I love you Mr. Allnut! (referencing the movie African Queen) Hurray!

Of course I didn't believe it - so I tried it again the next day.

Again, all explorers accounted for. Winner!

Test 2: Removal

Often the lip liner gets buried in the surrounding terrain and I have to stretch my face to get in there with olive oil for removal. The primer created a barrier that prevented my lipstick from leaching into those ditches in the first place. Removal was far easier. Brilliant.

Existing Problem: Stubborn-to-apply shadow that fades, then won't come off

With one success I was nervous to push my luck, but Vancouver Fashion Week was calling and my eyes needed major cosmetic doing.

You may know how I loathe removing eye makeup. For days after I wear it, I must go spelunking to dig out the runaway bits. So the eye primer would be another real test.

Test 1: Application

I dabbed some spots on each lid, again with a spongy wand applicator, and smeared it around with my finger. It's flesh-toned in colour, much like foundation. Then I applied glittery fuchsia eye shadow from my old stash, very stubborn stuff, which, !!!, went on smoothly and evenly. It was noticably rougher to apply in an area I had missed with the primer. Check. A+.

Off to the fashion show I traipsed in my sky-high black glitter platform booties.

Photo courtesy of Stella of IG @stellarpanagiotidis - Vancouver Fashion Week (she invited me)
L to R: Designer Giovanna Ricci, Model/Art Enthusiast Stella, moi, Ms. Canada Universal Tetyana Golota 

What I wore to VFW. I upcycled an oversized vintage tartan jacket into this little bolero.

Test 2: Staying Power 

Much eye candy ensued over the next four hours, but would there be eye candy all over my face or completely gone when I got home? I approached the bathroom mirror with trepidation. Gaaa! Everything stayed bright and right where I put it. Success!

Test 3: Removal

I pulled out my spelunking gear: olive oil, cleansing pads, and soap. I shut my eyes and hoped for the best. When I opened them again, my shadow had come right off. The primer sealed my skin to prevent deep-penetration of the shadow. Clearly this product is an absolute gem!

Problem: None - except for stubborn removal (now eased with primer). Playtime!

I received Sweet Pea, which is a frosty pink/violet, and Cherry Red. After applying lip primer, I did an ombre lip, with the outline and sides in Cherry and the centre part in the lighter Sweet Pea. Neither of these colours was matte finish so their creamy smoothness felt pleasant but unfamiliar. They also smelled like the lipsticks of my childhood. 

The frostiness of the Sweet Pea was unexpected; the online colour swatch looked matte, but when you click it, the pop-up photo clearly shows the sheen. Note to self: click the photo! But I was pleased with the soft, feminine look it gave me. Definitely, I can incorporate Sweet Pea into my outfit repertoire.

Both the Sweet Pea and Cherry Red also have a shine uncharacteristic of the mattes I'm used to wearing, but I enjoyed the change.

I used the lip/eye brush from LFF to apply the lipstick as a liner. 
It will take me a while to get the hang of, not because it's hard, but because I am not very patient. It may be worth the effort because the results are cleaner and more precise than my pencil.

Problem: None, except for stubborn removal (now eased with primer). Playtime!

I received Aubergine, Charcoal, and Cream powder shadows. Using my fingers, I applied the Aubergine to my lids and along the outer bottom lash line.

Then I applied Charcoal to the crease and bottom lash line, blending with the Aubergine. Using the cleaned lip brush, I lined my upper lids with Charcoal too.

Finally, the Cream I applied just under my brows and inside corners of my eye.

I am definitely not a great makeup artist, fearless maybe, but not pro.
And this is what the makeup looks like applied in my usual slap-dash manner. 
I took these photos in natural light with a black velvet backdrop. 
I'm not wearing foundation or face powder.

Pay no attention to the scraggy brows - I like them like that. And I added bloodshot to the eyes for extra drama. Heh. The mascara and brow eyeliner are both from my existing tool box, although LFF sells these products too.

And there you have it!

I'm wearing LFF makeup in the photo below when I went with my friend Vancouver Barbara to an exhibit of photo/conceptual artist Ian Wallace's work. She took this photo. She told me to look sad. Heh. Maybe it's the frosty lipstick that made me reach for these beige Missoni pants at the last minute, to complete this bad-ass-ish lady/man vibe going on. I like it! You may have seen this photo before.

Photo courtesy of @vancouverbarbara - taken at Rennie Collection

By chance, I went back to the gallery days later for an evening talk by the artist, and Barbara took this next shot while we were standing in line. I'm wearing all LFF eye makeup and Sweet Pea lipstick with red liner. 

The lipstick may be sweet/feminine, but it definitely works with a misbehavin' tower hair outfit as well. 

Photo courtesy of @vancouverbarbara - taken near Rennie Collection

My verdict
  • The lip primer and eye primer are absolute winners! Must-haves that solved many of my makeup issues.
  • The lipsticks are creamy and the colours are gorgeous. I shall definitely use them when I want to add softness to a look. I'll also wear them on top of my matte lipsticks for extra depth and shine.
  • The shadows are more powdery than the ones I am used to, the colours are beautiful, soft yet dramatic, and they have staying power. The Aubergine is a particular favourite and works well as a smudgy bottom lash liner. I would wear Cream on my lid with a primer base if I want bright eyes. 
  • The brush is a great tool for detail work, although I would want more than one so no cleaning is necessary when switching eye to lip. LFF has a range of brushes. This one was hardy.

My lunch-bag hand bag with the Cherry Red lipstick and charcoal eyeshadow

I felt like a scientist trying out these products, which was fun. When I was testing the lip primer, I kept asking my friends, how are my lips? how are my lips? are they leaking? Heh. If you decide to buy anything from LOOK FABULOUS FOREVER, I hope you like them too. 

And if you're struggling about how to apply your makeup, Tricia Cusden has a series of easy-to-follow makeup videos and other materials that should help. Me? Well, I'm always flying by the seat of my pants, BEIGE in this case! Or madly patterned too for that matter.

Monday, 9 October 2017

From the boudoir to faux France

From the boudoir to the garden with huge honkin' plants. The leaves seem to embrace me, clearly unable to resist my vintage neon hot-pink robe by "Rhapsody of California made by Glazier," a phrase which must be said aloud with a haughty drawl each time I don this luxurious furry confection. I also memorably worn my Rhapsody when Shelley came to town in May 2016, post is here

"I am One with the Big Leaves" Photo by @vancouverbarbara

Now and with Shelley I was surrounded by big green vegetation wearing the Rhapsody. Are there strange forces at work with this robe - beyond its general fabulousness - that I don't know about?! Could this robe be opening some warped telepathic channel to our Jurassic herbal past!? Now I'm afraid to say the label name backwards. Who knows what would happen?

Shelley (Forest City Fashionista) and I goof around while feeling fabulous

The blouse is a chartreuse-y colour, very silky, with huge gathered sleeves, of course not visible here because they were smooshed in my robe. And I wore this awesome stretch floral maxi skirt and super-soft stretch leather booties, both from My Sister's Closet at one time or another.

But oh no! Do you see it? The huge honkin' camel nose? What are the odds? Giant leaves. Giant camel nose. And camel without the "ca" spells mel. Gaaaa!

Not only that, the nose's brand is - dah-dah-dummm - "totem." Is my spirit animal a camel nose? A Jurassic camel nose? Whoa, things are getting out of hand here.

In its undercover life, this is a mere courier bag. The long body strap is an upcycled seat belt, and the short handle on the flap is also seat-belt strapping. My laptop fits perfectly in there. Clever, right? Nothing suspicious there.

Of course I wore my magic loupe, which O made me. I never leave home without it. If you want to get louped like me, use the link in my sidebar to go to his Etsy store. His cool rings are there too.

You may now be asking yourselves, who let Mel into the peyote? Don't worry, I sobered up real quick when I...

...put on a little faux-French, which also required flattening my hair. This dress might be considered dour, drab, matronly or simply gross if it weren't for its extreme boxiness, which elevates it to the level of haute couture faux-French. Boxiness is a sure sign of $$$.

The dress came from My Sister's Closet. The bottom skirt half, with a single knife pleat on one side, a pocket on the other, and five gold buttons, is picky wool, and the top half is another kind of wool, yes, also itchy, but that's part of the iron discipline one may require to wear haute faux-French, n'est-ce pas?

I think this dress was made from two vintage pieces sewn together. There are no labels or notions, except for the buttons, to research. I bought another very similar dress a few months before this one. The top half looks hand-knit, black wool, and the bottom half is dove-grey Crimplene. Dreamy. But I think I'll upcycle it into a coat. I'll show you later.

I carried my toolbox hand bag, swiped from O after he removed the height gauge, opaque black tights, narrow men's pointy shoes in taupe/brown - they are much pointier than the picture above suggests. And I took my teacup carrier made from a wooden matryoshka. The sunglasses are Lagerfeld, darling, a gift.

That's all for this week. Not much to say. I am preoccupied. I'll tell you about what after Thursday, which is when I'll put up my next post.

I'm going to link up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, Visible Monday, and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb, #iwillwearwhatilike.

See youse guys later!! Get back to work!! Heh.

Monday, 2 October 2017

How to crank up your existence

I was walking down the sidewalk this week and I found, like, a million gold coins just sitting there on the sidewalk. I couldn't believe it! I didn't pick them up because I thought the child behind me might enjoy the thrill more.

See what I did there? I incorporated POWER FACTS into that story.

In Reality, that dull plane of existence, I found a dime and left it for the kid. But why write REALITY FACTS when you can write POWER FACTS, not to be confused with ALTERNATIVE FACTSwhich are just reality in reverse - or power yoga, power walking or power lawnmowers. POWER FACTS are facts jacked-up.

For example:

  • POWER FACT: I am a neurological specialist on the verge of a Nobel Prize after 80 years working in the field. 
  • REALITY FACT: I think a lot, ever since I can remember, and my friend said I'm smart, which was a nice thing to say. And I have done lots of thinking in fields and the outdoors in general. 
The better option is a no-brainer.
New old neon coral coat with acid-lime green pants, which I bell-bottomed, and my repaired booties

My friends are all Nobel Prize-winners themselves - which means they are really cool. See? Again, POWER FACTS. In my comments about their outfits on social media I often write:

Fantastic! Love it! 
Awesome! Right on! 
Amazing! Amazeballs! 
Fabulous! So good!

These are REAL POWERFUL FACTS, but they tend to lose their power when they are repeated over and over. I can't help it if you are all Goddesses from Planet 9 (in a good way). It's like if you say the word mansion 20 times in a row it starts to sound like what? Like nothing, like a limp noodle or a marshmallow.

Wouldn't it be so much better, instead of leaving words I could just transport that little thrill I get when I see cool stuff by way of electrodes from my head into your head?

But no, they already have that, it's called drugs, minus the electrodes. My comment in this case would be: This outfit is so great I think you should take a little hit of that drug. No, no, don't do that!!, also because I wouldn't be able to guarantee a positive trip to my response. For example, if your drug is chocolate chip cookies, what good would my compliment be when you can't fit into that amazeballs outfit anymore?

So I guess I'll stick to REAL POWERFUL FACTS in my comments even if they start to read as gibberish.

What I think is happening is like Shepard tones, example below. This is when a sound keeps going up FOREVER. Don't listen to the whole thing, unless of course I've given you a big compliment and you're having a good trip. (?!!)

Every octave higher it goes, another exclamation point goes on. I guess I need to put a lid on it. I wonder if that's where the expression came from?

And while it's good that real facts, real news, keep me grounded, often in a very destabilizing way, I suspect it wouldn't hurt to add a few POWER FACTS, again, not ALTERNATIVE FACTS, just jacked-up facts to make it better.

Various examples:
"'You ripped my pants off,' passenger shouts" How about, "Pants annihilated in space shuttle"? Her pants were presumably destroyed by said ripping and she was in an aircraft (I read the article). Or "Shattered trademark threatens transport". In any case, "Woman needs lawyer stat!"
"Serena Williams's post-baby underwear selfie game is on point" No words.
"Police hit by flying butter knives in booby trapped home" See? This is already a POWER FACT. Someone is onto my Nobel-prize-winning concept. Or not...?
"Don't laugh: A $1,000 iPhone could be a great move for Apple" How about (LMAO) "Handing your retirement fund to Apple would be a great move for them"? 

Well, that's quite a load off my supercomputer genius friggin' mind.  I leave those words for you to determine: real fact, alternative fact, or power fact. Or, wait! It could be a factoid, which is a whole different creature, an important one that I don't have time to get into now. I've heard they eat noodles and marshmallows.

Emporio Armani suit with toolbox hand bag, dotted blouse, fat tie, and, critically-important fan

I hope you have fun with POWER FACTS this week. I had fun with POWER STYLE.

*Those headlines are all real, gleaned from the real news. These are generally known as unreal real facts. Given recent news, there is too much unreal real news. Time to clothe-up and spread the love around our neighbourhoods.

I'll link something up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for #iwillwearwhatilike. See you later, kittehs!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

High-low hair, clothes to greet autumn, and big thanks

Excellent - time for another blog post, the best procrastination around! Especially when I fiddle faddle with my photos. Like this:

Autumn is officially here in this hemisphere. And I know that elsewhere, you're breathing a huge sigh of relief now that you've hit summer weather. 

I'm particularly happy to see this autumn, having not been blown up by men with big toys. Aren't you? (Oops, did I just write that?)

If you've been wanting to wear something outrageous and been too afraid, now is the time to put it on and fill yourself and the world with positive energy.

Below, a close-up. Except for this fabulous hand-made scarf by Sevya, which Sherry of Petite Over 40 gave me, these are all things you've seen before, worn in a different combination.

The coat laces up the back corset-style and dips low. Plum, purple, eggplant, aubergine. What's not to love? And that's an old striped dress/tunic and my Rip Curl pants from My Sister's Closet, where I find so many of my treasures. Finally, my magic loupe by O.

Really, the whole thing is so over-the-top that your eye starts to see it as neutral, don't you think? I definitely walk with mega-'tude when I wear this. And I swung around my toolbox hand bag from O, not shown here, like I was somewhere far more glamourous than on my way to the supermarket in search of frozen corn.

For example, in this outfit I imagine hunching over a huge glass desk in the loft of my converted monastery, writing psychedelic poetry or a pop opera called, say, Menopausoff, with a quill pen, with a purring black cat on my lap, my manuscript illuminated by a battery- or solar-powered candle. Modern concessions. Lots of treats are on hand as well, for me and kitty.


The photo below was taken by the very talented Vancouver Barbara when we went to the Rennie Collection in Chinatown for a tour of Bob Rennie's works by Ian Wallace, a renowned local photo/conceptual artist, a genre Vancouver is famous for. It's exactly the kind of intellectual art that constipated me for several decades after I studied it.

There was a faded candid Polaroid of the artist sleeping called Artist at Work. "Genius," everyone enthuses. "$$$!" the artist enthuses. Hahaha. Of course, it's the historical context of its invention that makes his work endure, as is the case with much art. [Edit: And the artist's continuing development of and passion for the work.]

And, yeah, good on him for making a self-admitted throwaway a collectors' item. How can I do that? Anyone interested in my old sweatsocks? If I call it art, will it be so? 

Uh-oh, I need my journal for some Kitty/Turnip Head sketching to cleanse myself of such thoughts. But I enjoyed revisiting my past and debriefing at The Sylvia with Barbara after the tour.

[Edit: I attended a talk by Ian Wallace at the gallery on Oct 4 and I'm so glad I did. It was wonderful seeing the passion he has for his work. Beauty in all its forms was a phrase that kept coming to mind.]

Note the short hair? Haircut by O. He's so good at it! 

Barbara's direction to me at the gallery was, go sit on the those stairs and look sad. I did, and a couple more looked really, really sad, yes, tragic even. And we of course burst out laughing between shots, oh so unladylike!

And what's that on my legs? Beige?!! I was readying my black tux pants when suddenly I thought, gaaa, too much black, and grabbed these: Missoni, perfect fit, knit, with cuffs, also from My Sister's Closet. They were perfect with this brown Pierre Cardin tie, Windsor-knotted, and my velvet blazer.
My first run-in with these pants was HERE, a post called "Clothes the Colour of Porridge."
My hair looks really short up there, right? But below is that same short cut styled into peaks. Who would have guessed? O cut it so I could wear it both pixie and foppish. I love being able to play with these divergent looks.

In other news - 

Sherry interviewed O by email and wrote an amazing post on his art and magic loupe, HERE. Her writing is truly professional and expresses his views so well. Her generous support of his art is amazing. And she's got fantastic style. I LOVE that red lipstick!

And another huge hug is in order for Sylvia of 40+ Style, who put up an Instagram post on the stainless steel/synthetic ruby ring she bought from O.  Thank you so much for including it in a movie clip on your Instagram, below.

If you want a loupe or ring like these, head over to O's Etsy shop, FineMetalworkStudio.

I'll link up with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style (with her cast off!), and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. I'll bring the drinks. Patti will sing.

And that's it for another week. Stay clean. Stay fed and watered. Stay happily clothed whenever possible. And most of all, stay positive. I'm doing my best here.

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