Monday, 21 July 2014

Faking colours and re-runners

I'm linking to Share-in-Style: White with Mis Papelicos and Sheila for Shoe Shine at Ephemera. I linked these platform runners before (Shoe Shine #3) but I'd rather do re-runners than nothing at all. And as for white, although the dress is salmon pink, I edited it to be white, which counts. Call my lawyer.

The dress is a thrifted vintage dream, possibly a wedding dress, made by Tachi Castillo in Mexico. The undulating tide of pink is more than I am used to but the crackle nature of the stretchy poly/cotton fabric cancels out the femininity. (Curtise posted a lovely crackle-free garment today.) The beautiful lacy bits are see-through so I wore my skinny red tartan jeans under it. Of course, that's my turnip head.

And a reminder:
The VOGOFF submission deadline is only TEN days away!!
Get out your cameras. Right this minute! Or not...

Monday, 14 July 2014

She's so boxy, she must be rich

Despite the bold colours, this outfit feels very conservative. The overall shape has a boxy, priggish quality which makes me feel very sophisticated, like I'm in Paris wearing couture, like, you can tell I'm filthy rich because my outfit is so boxy. I wore my mod sunglasses to tart it up and went barelegged. It is hot! And of course I carried my flirty little toolbox handbag O gave me, former home of his Starrett height gauge.
Wearing: thrifted vintage '50ish floaty fitted sleeveless dress under a thrifted blouse, thrifted D&G heels, magic loupe from O, thrifted vintage sunglasses, vintage Tissot mechanical watch, gift from O. 
I'm heading over to Patti's at Not Dead Yet Style to get soused. After all, it's Visible Monday and we need to celebrate. See you there. Will you be the one who's shaken or stirred?

And this next bit is for Anne of SpyGirl. Her 52-Pick-me-up prompt is Fairy Tale - she has the best prompts. This is my fairy tale.

Voila! Grushenka is my magic wand.

You've seen this jacket before but I've added back and sleeve detailing. I'm extremely pleased with the way the oval patch came out on the back. I took a photo of a decrepit gas pump, printed it onto transfer paper, ironed the transfer onto white T-shirt fabric, cut it out, and then hot-glued it onto the jacket because I didn't want to puncture the fake snakeskin or deal with the jacket lining. I think this jacket upcycle is done now - it's tricky knowing when to stop. So ba-bye Armani Exchange. I like my version waaay better.

I think I'm coming down with that sewing bug that's going around... 

Monday, 7 July 2014

I vant to be alone

I love how this photo came out. It's how I would do Garbo if she had blue hair and wore huge honking glasses. I did this shoot in a hurry today to slip into Judith's one-year anniversary(!) Hat Attack #12 at Style Crone, very last minute, and Sacramento's Share-in-Style: Denim at Mis Papelicos, co-hosted this time by Judith.

I haven't worn this hat out yet. It was purchased as a blue wig but I prefer it as a puffy hat with a scarf. The lenses on these glasses are clear - I just like them. The denim jacket you've probably seen before, very fitted, and it has little glitter bits on it. Underneath is my Jimi Hendrix T and my enormous loupe O rigged up for me. Finally, those are my cycling pants, and in the background are bunches of paintings I've cut off the stretcher frames and wrapped for storage. It's the glamorous life I tell ya.


Saturday, 5 July 2014

He's paid to say he's a girl

This is what it felt like:
This is what I saw:
This is what you see:
Val is close to my heart, literally; I wore her opium den on a dog harness again. This thrifted floral cotton cheongsam cried out for a liberal topping of her Muse Fondue. (See previous post for details about this magnificent diorama.)

Don't let this demure photo fool you. In the wind this kimono-style neon yellow robe billowed extravagantly into oncoming foot traffic and my toolbox handbag swung wildly at my side creating yet another pedestrian hazard.

Almost daily I am confronted downtown by clean young men wearing blue uniform jackets that say "Because I am a Girl" in their job soliciting money for a charity. They are so wide-grinning and their hair is so perfectly coiffed that they could easily be mistaken for cult members. If I'm feeling particularly cheeky I'll state the obvious, "You're not a girl." Impossibly, their grin stretches even wider and I expect a loud snap as their face splits in two. I wonder how people would react if I stood on an opposite corner, clipboard in hand, dressed in a pink uniform jacket that said "Because I am a Boy."

One time in Tokyo I mistook a couple of well-dressed Japanese Jehovah's Witnesses at my door for salespeople of beauty products. The cover of the brochure they politely held out to me featured the most startling beehive hairdos I'd ever seen. I said to them in slow English, "Hairstyles? Beauty products?" while pointing to my head and fluffing imaginary hair. They looked at each other worriedly and gestured to the sky and their chests. Once I realized what they were really selling, I said no thank you and sent them on their way. I think I heard a gasp of relief on their hasty retreat; I sighed because I had missed out on a hair miracle.

It's a tricky business, sending messaging and receiving them as intended. In the Japan case, clearly the misunderstanding was completely my own. How has your week been? Any mixed messages out your way?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wearing dog leash and opium den

Sorry for the serious face but I'll make up for it with the accompanying video later,
filmed on location in the garbage room atelier. I blame Val and the opium.
How am I supposed to go wee when I'm wearing a dog leash and an opium den over a back-zip playsuit? (And there's not a fire hydrant in sight.)

Bwa-ha-ha!! Don't you just love the opium den? See the teeny tiny pipe, the divan, lit candle, and mysterious jars? The white powder is upside-down "army" and the other is "shadow" or a place absent of sun or wind (according to O). And of course there's a huge mini mirror so I can admire myself. Absolutely stupendous (the mirror, not my reflection).

This perfect objet d'art percolated from the primordial Muse Fondue which Val has cooking at her house and arrived at my house quite a while ago. Instantly I knew I'd like to wear this den (to feel good and show it off) but I needed a suspension system that a) wouldn't require altering the piece and b) would stabilize it. The answer? This neon pink doggy leash, $4.99, which just last week I finally enlarged to fit my doggy torso. Today was the first outing, and when I invited strangers to view the den they gasped with delight. And that's a fact, Val. Thanks again for this incredible work of art. Val also sent a hilarious card addressed to Melstrom in a Teacup, Buzzed 24-7, Vancoolver, and threw in some lovely mysterious French accents. XO! You can see posts that Val made about this diorama and others she has made at her former blog, late blooming sparkle, here and here.

A N D -
Recently, I started a new series of ink sketches of spooky rebel girls, like that one above. I love the etchy scratchy rippy action of crosshatching (hatchet, axing, crossing) and I mark this series as another step in my decades' long art school recovery. My Turnip Heads (which I'm still doing) are line drawings of whimsy and joy, so these sketches are a big departure: style-wise they are scraggly like the drawings I did as a kid, and content-wise they are dark and foreboding. I drew six spooky rebel girls yesterday, like a fury. I did that sketch above this morning. I have lots of ideas for this series and I am excited to see what else emerges.

I have other incredibly lovely gifts from other people which I cherish and will post about as well. I have not forgotten you - never!

I'll see you at Patti's Visible Monday at her blog Not Dead Yet Style. And I know I'm missing other great link-ups as well so I'll add them here as I clue in. Happy long weekend to youse guys in Canada celebrating Canada Day, a country which thrives under the benevolent rule of the Queen as our head of state.

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